Allihies Copper Mine Museum

Though it’s right to say that O’Neill’s Bar is in Allihies, the village is often referred to simply as ‘the mines’. The name is a nod to the copper mining that took place here from 1812 until the early 1960s, and shaped the village’s identity in the process.

Above the village, just a short walk from the bar, you’ll be able to see the distinctive image of the mine’s remaining chimney stacks. There’s a fine walk across the mountain towards Eyeries, but – even if you don’t get that far – the views out across the Atlantic towards the Skelligs are striking on a fine day.

And, if you walk in the other direction, down towards Ballydonegan Strand, you’ll find a newer, but equally inspiring, monument to the hard work and energy of the community here.

The Allihies Copper Mine Museum opened in 2010 after many years of hard work from a dedicated committee who painstakingly collected stories, photographs, maps and memorabilia relating to the history of mining in the area.

A visit there is an absorbing way to pass an afternoon, and the museum, art gallery, and café, are great additions to the life of the village.

To find out more, you can visit the museum’s website at

And of course, you’ll find more pictures and maps featuring the history of the mines here in O’Neill’s Bar, when you call in to visit us here.

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